5 Reasons Why Motorcycle Still The Best Mode of Transportation in Klang Valley

I lived in Damansara for almost 4 years to date and I have stopped commuting with Rapid KL after 3 years. I used to travel from Damansara to Subang Jaya where either I need to go to Pasar Seni and interchange with LRT or take a bus to cut short the journey. Taking a bus is great, but it is like a lottery where you can be faster or slower depending on traffic conditions.

Here are five (5) reasons that I believe commuting by Motorcycle is the best mode of transportation:

1. No last-mile expenses

LRT extension until Putra Heights, BRT Sunway Line, MRT Kajang Line, MRT Putrajaya Line 🚊, and soon LRT Shah Alam Line, there is no doubt that it covers more and more areas. However, it is far from perfect since I usually face a situation where the destination is far from the last train station. I need to take a taxi/grab to reach destination and it does cost a lot. 💸

Commuting by motorcycle means, you will arrive at the destination without having to spend RM 7 for last-mile transportation.

2. No waiting time

Commuting with public transport means, travelling according to someone else schedule. It is a challenging situation as I do have possibility to wait for a long time. if I’m in rush, I need to consider taking a Grab where it will make me difficult to follow a budget. 💰

3. No downtime

Rapid KL services did not operate for 24 hours.

4. RON 95 Fuel price is subsidised

Petronas Station. I don’t know why I put this picture though.

Riding a motorcycle cost compared with RM 50 unlimited travel, it is still relatively cheaper. It is true that public transport still the most efficient way to transport a huge number of people, but in Malaysia, for individual level, it is not the case.

5. Less time needed to move from point A to point B

By riding a motorcycle, I have the freedom to move anytime anywhere. I’m not subjected to the public transport schedule. As a result, I can accomplish more things, meet with more people, and ultimately, have more time for myself.


While I do think riding a motorcycle is the fastest and efficient to move, I still appreciate the effort made by the government to improve the public transportation. By having this facilities, it means less congestion on the road and less congestion could also means a safer road for motorist.

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