Five Issue with Flora Damansara

If you google “Flora Damansara issue”, you will simply know you should think twice before considering this place. So, if you have alternative, you should consider the alternative instead of proceed with moving in to Flora Damansara.

Issue with Flora Damansara

#1 Always no water

It is a weekly event. If you are lucky, you can experience it daily. Best of all, it will happen at times you need the most (weekday morning where you are taking shower for work or on weekend where you spent time with your families).

Management told the resident that it is due to “pump trip” (Block E). Weird enough, how possible it only has one water pump? Where is preventive maintenance?

No water record:

  • 10 August 2023 – N/A
  • 17 September 2023 – 1:19 AM
  • 29 September 2023 – 8:22 PM
  • 30 September 2023 – 8:52 PM
  • 2 October 2023 – 4:35 AM
  • 3 October 2023 – 8:00 AM
  • 13 November 2023 – 4:57 AM
  • 21 November 2023 – 6:16 AM
  • 2 December 2023 – 6:57 PM
  • 7 December 2023 – 6:19 AM
  • 11 December 2023 – 11:59 AM
  • 17 December 2023 – 7:43 AM
  • 28 December 2023 – 12:40 PM & 7:14 PM
  • 23 January 2024 – 4:11 AM
  • 4 February 2024 – 2:40 AM (All Block)

Only single water pump are working

Only one water pump are working for all block. When the water pump suddenly stop working, it takes at least 12-24 hours until water become available again.

#2 Elevator always out of order

There are 5 elevators for Block E. Only 2 of them are running (which sometimes didn’t and sometimes trapping people inside). Usually at the time you people use the most, only 1 lift will be in operation.

For record, there is case in 2023 where all of the lift are confiscated by Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ).

You will immediately know that this elevator are extremely scary the moment you enter the lift.

#3 The road to Flora Damansara is congested and bumpy.

No thanks to multiple construction site along the way to Flora Damansara.

Either car or motorcycle will get damaged with the road condition. My motorcycle monorack broke thanks to the bumpy road condition.

#4 Ultra high density

Along the way to enter Flora Damansara, there is multiple high rise apartments and condos.

Flora Damansara itself have 26 floor (Block E alone) and each floor have at least 20 units.

At peak times, you will need to wait forever to get out from this place.

#5 Water are everywhere

This point is contrary to #1.

You can see water leakages in car parking at Level 1, Level 2, etc. Also, if you live there, chances are you don’t have to leave your home. Water leakage may also happen inside your home.

If you don’t have home in Flora Damansara, go to Lift Lobby @Block E, and walk from Lift Lobby to car parking.

Does Flora Damansara good for investment?

Short answer: NO

Long answer: Since property investment number one criteria is location, Flora Damansara is the worst. There are a lot more choices out there to consider. Furthermore, Flora Damansara is located at the very end (where nobody cares), choosing another condos or apartment is a better investment decision.


There is no hope for Flora Damansara. The building is beyond repair (personal opinion) with the debt ballooning to more than RM 2,000,000. This place will soon be dead and resident should consider moving out from this place before being forced to do so.

If safety is a major concern, Flora Damansara should simply out from list. With the elevator that frequently trapped people inside, imagine it happened to you during peak times. How long you can survive with so many people inside?

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Selangor held an inspection and condemned most of the apartment lifts on Aug 25 as they were found to be unsafe.

The Star, 2023

Flora Damansara is the last place to consider if you are forced to live under a bridge. If you are single and OK to live at place where constantly no water supply and frequent elevator issues, here is the place.

If you are a person who cares about your wife and your child, you should look for alternative.

P/s: At this time, D’ Cosmos Residence seems to be a better choice.

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