How I make simple HTTP load test

This WordPress blog is running on Amazon Web Service Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) with t2.nano instance. The web (apache + php-fpm) and database (mariadb) is put in different instance, making this blog technically running on two t2.nano instance or equivalent to one t2.micro instance.

Hence, I’m curious to know if this blog will pass a simple load test or the web or database server will failed when having high load. Thus, I googled some of the load test tool and I found Grafana k6 Open Source.

Grafana K6
Grafana K6 Open Source:

Since I’m using Macbook, the installation is pretty straightforward for me where I only need to run: brew install k6 to install. I write a simple script and execute it.

Source code: Grafana k6 Load Test Script –


My current setup with AW EC2 t2.nano did survived simple load test and there is no CPU spike or memory spike. Hence, running simple WordPress blog on AWS EC2 t2.nano is practical and can survive normal web traffic.


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