3 Credit Cards That I Currently Hold

Credit card is a powerful financial tool. Sadly, previous generation have abuse the benefit where it results to never ending debt. However, using it responsibly is beneficial for your credit health. This is three credit cards that I currently hold.

1. Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan

This credit card offered 5% cashback for grocery spending on Friday and Saturday. I have hold this card since 2018. The best part of holding this card is most merchant offered 0% installment with this card. The worst part? This card limits the number of time you can use at petrol pump at 3 times per day.

2. HSBC Amanah MPower Visa

This is the card where I learnt the backdoor on how to get approved for credit card when your employer didn’t have an office phone number. Some employer didn’t have office phone number (althoguh is should have) where the banks will call to check the status of our employment. So, if you get rejected for credit card, basically you just need to refer to nearest HSBC branch for help. They will guide and give you plan on what to do.

3. AmBank Islamic Visa Signature

So far, this is the easiest card to convert any purchase to 0% installment plan. I use this to convert my annual takaful (life) payment to smaller payment monthly. (This because paying life insurance plan in yearly basis will get discount).

That’s all the credit card I used. What credit card you use? Share in the comment section below 👇.


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