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I was admitted to Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) on Tuesday, 30th May 2023 and discharged on Sunday, 4th June 2023. This due to inguinal hernia where I have been advised to perform immediate hernia repair.

30th May 2023 (1st day)

I visit a nearest clinic with my office and get consultation where I complained about feeling uncomfortable. The doctor then issued a referral letter and I went to PHKL.

I talk to senior customer service personnel and she give a specialist room number for consultation. Then, I walk to the registration counter and fill the registration form. Luckily, I do have Takaful where it do covers outpatient treatment. I wait about 30 minutes for a Guarantee Letter issuance.

After getting the Guarantee Letter, the registration counter told me to queue at the doctor room. I walked to the doctor room and wait until my name is called.

Then, doctor told me that I’m suspected for hernia and he advised to perform immediate hernia surgery. I agree and they told me to register to be warded (Block C). During the registration, they briefed me everything I need to know, the hospital terms and conditions, visiting policy and etc. I need to sign and agree with all the terms.

After the registration process completed, I have been told to wait for 1-2 hours for another guarantee letter to be issued. I went back home to take all the necessary item, phone charger, MacBook, and etc.

Cost wise, they have quoted the price is between RM 20,000 – RM 30,000.

Just about an hour, PHKL called me that the Guarantee Letter has been issued. I went to hospital and Potter accompany me to the ward.

Since I was admitted late, I only get a dinner meal and I have been told to be fasting for CT Scan.

31st May 2023 (2nd day)

After getting morning shower, they ask me to drink a contra water (looks like orange juice). I have been told to finish it all (2 cups). After that, they brought me to a CT Scan (I don’t need to walk. Potter put me on wheelchair).

After the CT Scan procedure, then only they serve me a meal for lunch.

Also, anaesthesiologist do visit me to get my consent. I will be given full General Anesthesia and I have been told not to eat, not to drink starting 12:00 AM, 1 June 2023.

1st June 2023 (3rd day)

Early in the morning (7:00 AM) the hospital gave a clothes where I need to wear before going to Operating Theater (OT). I change it and nurse send me to OT (with the Ward Bed). I need to change the bed once (from the Ward Bed to OT Bed) and then they brought me to Anaesthesiologist.

He asked me questions about when the last time I eat and drink and what procedure I will undergo today.

Then, the anaesthesiologist start the process (connecting the wires to my hand). I still awake until they put me something to my nose. Then, I’m out 😴💤.

I’m screaming. The OT room temperature feels like like I’m in freezer. They told me everything went well, everything is ok, the procedure has been completed. They do provide me additional blanket (since I’m complaining I’m in cold). Also, I do vomit right after woke up from GA.

Then, they bring me to a room where I need to change from OT Room Bed to Ward Bed. It is nothing, but I felt scared to move. I do it anyway or I will stuck in the cold freeze OT room.

After reaching ward, I still feel extremely cold. Then, I only realized that it could be symptoms of Hypoglycemia. I asked if I can eat KitKat and nurse say cannot (to avoid vomitting). I became unconscious for a while and upon getting conscious, I call the nurse again ask for a sugar.

They offered me a Kopiko and after finishing the Kopiko, then only the cold freeze feeling went away.

Nurse told me to urinate before 6:00 PM or doctor will need to perform another procedure. They give me a bottle and to urinate in the bottle as a proof that I’m able to successfully urinate.

Alhamdulillah, before 6:00 PM, I try hard to drink a plenty of water and successfully flush up my bladder.

2nd June 2023 (4th day)

Nothing special today except I really enjoyed eating hospital food. The food is tasty, delicious and the portion is huge. Doctor do visit me in the morning where he instructed nurse to perform dressing and ask me to rest well.

3rd June 2023 (5th day)

Doctor told me that I can be discharged tomorrow. Since, I will be discharged tomorrow, I ask nurse permission to roam around the ward. Nurse give me condition where I should wear a face mask. I don’t have and they provide one.

4th June 2023 (6th day)

About 12:00 PM, I pack up all of my belongings and nurse tell me to settle the payment at the counter. Since I’m admitted to ward with Guarantee Letter from takaful, I have to pay nothing except to sign for discharge process.

The final bill is RM 18,000+ after discount or RM 20,000+ before discount. Since I didn’t upgrade the room, the final bill amount is fully covered by takaful and I don’t have to a penny.

At 1:00 PM, I’m out from the Ward.

Special thanks to Doctor Lim Kin Foong, anaesthesiologist Datuk Dr. Sylvian Das and all of the hospital staff. Also, thanks to my family, Hamzah, Shazrul, Munir, Zaemy, Ezo and Wife, Joe, Liyana, Aidid for the moral support.

Money doesn’t reduce the pain after surgery. The morale support do. I’m very thankful for it. May Allah bless all of you. Amin.

Wan Zulkarnain, PHKL C406 30 May 2023 – 4 June 2023


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