Review after 1 year using Honda Vario 150

It has been a year+ since I’m using Honda Vario 150. I bought the motorcycle on 23 December 2021, just after the series of covid-lockdown ends. I have ride the motorcycle back and forth from KL to Penang several times and so far, it is a good experience.

Things I appreciate

To me, the engine is powerful enough for casual ride from my home to my office. It is not fast, but I really love the smoothness of the engine.

I do travel from KL <> Penang a lot and so far, it does not make any surprise at the PLUS highways.

Sometimes, I do work as Foodpanda Rider where the keyless is huge bonus for me. Whenever I leave the motorcycle, I don’t have to bother about taking the keys as the keys is placed in my pocket.

Things I disappointed

The storage under the seat is big. But, not huge enough. It is ok for most cases. But, for long distance ride, it will be better if the storage is bigger.

Also, I only realized (after a year usage) that the engine overheating can be fixed by changing spark plug. Before that, I do experience where the coolant in spare tank always dry up (even though there is no leakages) and the engine overheating indicator will lit up when I ride ~1 hour non-stop. Luckily, this issue have been fixed after changing spark plug.

So far, it is a good motorcycle and I really recommend it for everyone that looking for a motorcycle for casual ride. The motorcycle size is not too big and also not too small where it is just nice for everybody. Unfortunately, Honda Vario 150 no longer in production and only variant 125 and 160 is offered for now.

The small little screw for coolant reserve tank is crucial and easily loosed. If you lose it, you can buy the replacement at Mr Diy. Look for bar code: 9076612


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  1. What brand of spark plug u change to..? Tq.

    1. Wan Zulkarnain Avatar
      Wan Zulkarnain

      Tak tau 😅

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