3 Things I Get Working With Start-up Company

Since completing my degree, I have worked with start up. I have been working for Billplz for 5 years, resigned and now working with CHIP (Chip In Sdn Bhd). I believe I’m living a good life.

1. Getting high paid salary

Working with start up means, anything is possible. Because the company is in rapid growth, there is a lot of things we need to discover and learn on our own. Also, usually it comes with a good salary as the risk of getting laid off is bigger compared to working with established business.

2. Experience the growth process

Working with start-up is not for everyone. It requires our effort and intelligence to meet the expectation. Task that are assigned usually on our own to explore and to deliver it. If we success, the company success. It is a great experience.

3. I get a wife

Ha ha.



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