Review after wearing Galaxy Watch 4 after 1 year

I have wear a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm) for a year+. So far, my feeling is mixed. Sometimes I happy and sometimes I didn’t. Here is my thoughts.

The good

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is feature rich. It can take up call where I can answer a call and talk using the watch. Also, it looks perfect match with me wearing the watch.

Besides taking a phone call, the watch can also used to send SMS or to reply a WhatsApp message. Sometimes, when I’m in situation where I’m prohibited from using Smartphone, this watch saved my life.

The bad

Battery life is too short.

It is not simply compatible with any Qi Charger. It requires specific charger.

Setting up Samsung Pay means, you are forced to set pin for the watch.

That’s all. For something that are priced at RM 999, it is somewhat expensive and it is not recommended if you are on a tight budget.


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