The last 5G NR Broadband You Will Ever Need

If you are looking for ultra fast internet connection, but without fiber optic cable installation, Yes 5G Wireless Broadband is the answer. I have used it for a week and the experience is good.

The setup

I’m using TP Link Deco X50-5G AX3000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 Gateway together with TP Link Archer AX55.

Deco X50-5G AX3000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 Gateway
TP Link Archer AX55

Basically, the Deco is set to receive 5G NR signal while the Archer is to broadcast a wireless network. Even though the Deco itself is capable of broadcasting a wireless, I experience a better speed and stability when I’m not using the wireless from the Deco itself.

It is expensive setup where both device cost around RM 1,500.

However, considering the Yes 5G Flexi Wireless Broadband monthly price is, it is cheap and portable at the same time (only RM 58/month before SST).




I have tested with U Mobile 5G Home plan and also Yes 5G Wireless Broadband. Both plans are equally good and provides same connection speed (both are riding on Digital Nasional Berhad network). So, the best choice will be Yes 5G Wireless Broadband plan due to:

  • P2P/Torrent is not blocked unlike U Mobile. Hence, you feel near to “fiber like experience“.
  • Monthly price cheaper @ RM 58/month compared to RM 68 /month for U Mobile.
  • No fair usage policy for 5G usage while U Mobile did @ 1TB/month.
Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by Yes and it is purely my own opinion and experience.

Update: I’m still using this plan until today @ 12 March 2024 👍


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