How can I get IPv6 when my ISP doesn’t provide it?

This is a weird question. But, for those who are wonder, you can get one by using CloudFlare WARP. This is especially a case for whom that are using WiFi in public space where it only configured with IPv4 (because it is weird for ISP not to give one since MCMC has make it mandatory). Here is how to get IPv6 with CloudFlare WARP.

You need to download and install CloudFlare WARP.

Then, you just need to toggle the WARP button and you will get IPv6 instantly.


First, I disable IPv6 on my Mac by setting it to Link-Local Only.

I have set my Mac to not having IPv6

Then, I check my IPv6 readiness at

Then, I enabled CloudFlare WARP.

Now I get IPv6.

This is extremely useful far in the future when you have a VPS/Instance/Droplet/Cloud that only have IPv6. Let say, you want to SSH to the server, then, you need to use this trick to be able to access your IPv6 only server.

Hope this helps!


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