Ride to Genting Highlands with ADV 160

You read it right. ADV 160 (2023) is capable to ride to the top of Genting Highlands. I have made it twice from Damansara to Genting Highlands.

Total riding time from Damansara to Genting Highlands is between 1.5 hour to 2 hours (one-way). This because I ride it slowly and since the motorcycle is not too powerful and with heavy traffic condition, that’s a good estimate if you are planning to do so

Fuel cost is somewhere around RM 6.50 to RM 7.00 for round trip. From my experience, it takes only 3 bar of fuel when I arrived back in Damansara.

Other cost is zero. Since parking for motorcycle is free of charge (First World Hotel Parking), then you don’t have to spend a penny for miscellaneous.

Things to aware

Everything up there is pricey. From my random visit to retail stores, only Uniqlo is OK. I assume Uniqlo does have a good margin where they don’t have to inflate the prices. Food and drinks is almost everything double compared to Damansara.

Bring your own food is the best thing to do when you are on tight budget, but still want to jalan-jalan to Genting.

I only found surau at Skytropolis. I don’t know if surau available elsewhere, but, that’s the easiest surau to be found. Also the best toilet is near the surau and toilet elsewhere is dirty and not conducive to use.

In addition, if you are first timer, be sure to bring along your raincoat and hand gloves. This will be a fallback when you experience a shock for a very cold freezing temperature.

Common Stereotype

Prior to this experience, I thought Genting is the place to put your bet and gamble. But, my perspective change where Genting Highlands is a combination of theme parks, shopping mall, and others (where unfortunately it does include Skycasino).

Should you ride/go alone?

Going to Genting Highlands alone probably makes you feels sad. Consider riding with a friend. It will makes the experience better.

Mobile Network Coverage

I am using Yes 4G and also U Mobile. For most of the time in SkyAvenue, I experience no connection for Yes 4G. Hence, if your mobile data provider is only Yes 4G, you may need to consider different telco. However, U Mobile is not perfect either (sorry. only from my experience


Genting Highlands is a good place to ride and experience the nature. However, you just need to make sure you are not in hurry to get there. I saw many cars stuck at the side of the road.


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  1.  Avatar

    Is brakes overheating a problem riding a scooter down genting?

    1. Wan Zulkarnain Avatar
      Wan Zulkarnain

      Not a problem. So far ok 👍

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