I stopped using Opera web browser. Here’s why

First, using Opera Web Browser on Macbook Air M2, I do experience crashes when there is an update. I need to kill it with Activity Monitor. This is disgusting.

Second, there is an issue with WordPress Visual Editor when writing an article on phone. I need to set as Desktop View to get the Visual Editor which makes the editing difficult.


Third, Bitwarden on Android doesn’t work well with Opera Browser. Unlike others (Chrome, Edge), it works without any problem. I’m heavy user of password manager. When the password manager didn’t works, browsing experience becomes terrible.

Fourth, some banking sites like Maybank2u raise an alert for incompatibility with Opera. Although you can ignore, but, it still doesn’t feel right.

Fifth, Opera on Mac have issue when I’m about to choose file for upload. The popup option is buggy and always require me to restart the browser.

Sixth, the location service is buggy. I always search for keyword “waktu solat” in web browser to know time for pray. However, Opera keeps asking for location permission. It is disgusting.


I’m using Microsoft Edge on both my Android device and also Macbook. I believe everyone that are still using Opera browser should move on and look for other browsers.


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