A Phone That I Regret Buying: Samsung Galaxy S22+

I bought Galaxy S22+ on 22 March 2022 at Harvey Norman. I’m buying a flagship phone to get the best phone. I was wrong.

The good

The camera is ok compared to my previous phone, which is Xiaomi Mi 11. It is not the best by the way.

Aesthetically, it looks good because of the color. But, it is not comfortable at hands due to the weight.

The bad

1. Battery life

First thing I noticed after using this phone is extremely poor battery life. I used to work part time as a Foodpanda Walker. I tried to use this phone for a 4 hour shift. The battery is not able to sustain continuous 4 hour of use.

2. Overheating

Casual web browsing will cause the phone to become extremely hot. To make matter worse, when I’m using the phone outside, the phone becomes too hot in my pocket. When I do play games like Mobile Legends, the phone becomes too hot where it will get your palms wet (due to sweating).

3. Storage read and write are too slow

Installing and updating apps from Play Store will make your phone hang. Comparatively with cheap Xiaomi phone like Poco M4, Galaxy S22+ perform slower than Poco M4 when installing apps from Play Store.

If you are uninstalling an app, your phone will hang for a short period of time.

4. Complicated charger type

I used several charger to juice up the phone. However, I found that it requires charger with GaN technology to be able to charge with Super Fast Charging.

Charging with normal charger can be either the phone charge too slow or not get charged at all.

5. Powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

This is a rubbish processor that Qualcomm have ever produced. Due to excessive heat that this phone produced, it get thermal throttling very fast. The phone become very sluggish especially when I opened the camera app.

You will miss a lot of important event if you are relying with this phone to capture the moment.

Also, thanks to this junk processor, the Super Fast Charging will not work due to extreme heat where the phone will prevent charging to avoid explosion (I think).


This is the most expensive phone that I have ever bought and worst phone that I have ever used. If you are looking to buy this phone (second hand), you should only buy this phone if the seller sell with RM 500 price tag.


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