Opinion About Malaysia 5G Rollout

I’m a person who are sometimes in the need of speed. I’m currently using Honor X9B 5G phone with Yes Power 35 Postpaid Plan. From my experience so far, I would say Malaysia 5G rollout is a success.

Why I think it’s a success?

1. As an end user, I can get mobile data plan with 5G as low as RM 35/month.

Thanks to YTL Network offering an affordable postpaid plan with no cap on speed at the lowest price. Also, the plan also comes with 100GB of data quota per month which is more than enough for average usage.

Practically it is unlimited for most users since average usage is only at 30-40GB per month.

2. I’m able to get 5G connectivity in almost every place I go

I live in Klang Valley and I do travel a lot. Almost every places I go, my phone showed that it has connected to 5G network. Interestingly, I went to Pangsapuri Seri Teratai (Bukit Beruntung) and it does have 5G network.

3. Places where previously blind spot for 4G now have 5G network

I live in a apartment in Damansara where for the past 4 years, my unit struggle to get a cell phone line (4G). Now, after 2 years since 5G mass deployment, my unit do able to get 4G and 5G connection.

4. There is a 5G plan for Home without Fair Usage Policy (FUP) at cost of RM 58/month

Again, thanks to YTL Network for the Yes 5G Wireless Broadband Flexi plan. Since I’m currently a nomad (don’t have house and keep moving from one place to another), I need a portable internet. Prior to 5G rollout in Malaysia, any telco will provide a mobile data plan with a very little quota for Hotspot.

Now, I can have internet where I can carry to anywhere I go without the need to plan how much data I can use until I deplete the hotspot quota.

5. It just works

Telco have made it simple. Using a 5G mobile data plan on 5G-enabled phone at 5G-available places will make you connected to 5G network.

I’m a gamer and I do play Mobile Legends quite a lot. Having 5G that just works is great since it reduce the latency when in game. Previously, I need to be back at home with fiber-powered internet to get the best gaming experience.

Now I don’t have to and I’m able to play Mobile Legends anytime anywhere I want.


5G rollout in Malaysia is a huge success. Since 5G coverage have achieved 80% of populated areas, it is exciting to see what’s next. I hope the move from SWN to DWN will benefit us even more in the future.


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