After 14 years of ASB Financing, Can I terminate the financing?

The fact is, you can terminate the financing anytime. But, things that you can do didn’t necessarily mean you have to do. This because, according to Rule of 72, your savings was actually doubled in 14 years with assumption of consistent returns at 5.25% per annum.

This means, after 14 years of paying for the financing, the returns from the investment itself able to continue paying for itself until the end of your financing period.

So, you are technically free from commitment, just in-case you feel that ASB Financing is a burden to carry.

Also, if you want to immediately use the capital, you can withdraw the returns without having to terminate the financing.

Let’s put this to numbers:

You started ASB Financing with amount RM 200,000. Assuming the returns is consistent at 5.25% for 14 years, you will end with RM 409,392.10 or RM 209,392.10 in ASB Cash savings.

As long as the returns from ASB is higher than the profit the bank charge to you, you should continue the financing till the end.


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